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I love it.

It may not be the best animation, and right before the end I was going to give it a 4 since it was pretty enjoyable... but that ending made it a 5!

Good Job!

That kelpie reminded me of someone... someone very sour and lemony...

Pretty cool, and excellent voice-acting, especially from the kelpie.

Oh, it is glorious; I wish there was more, but it is so perfect!

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This is an extremely buggy game, and even though I respect you for trying it is almost unplayable and also why 2d?

also i fell of the level going left

and the jump thing

lminecraftloverl responds:

im stil working on the death bug

That was....

Disheartening... Point gotten across, but I still like it for the message, but hate you for the lost time, thank for making me feel depressed, very good though.

Oddly compeling

I squeaked it... alot! Its so darned cute.

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How did I miss this song?

You still got it, thank you for another amazing song. Keep up the good work.

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F*cking Saved

This is amazing, the way it flows and ... and.. and...

Aw whatever I've pretty much never heard anything like it, and I love it! I love songs that cross genres, especially Trance/House (which is what I consider this to be)

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YakovlevArt responds:

So glad to read that you like it :)
Damn, saved too? Yay!

Win :P

This song is nice, funny, and well done, you can tell it is a parody, but it sounds so much better than the real one...

I had never heard the original before, ( I then promptly watched it) but fried eggs are much more interesting than whatever that chick was singing.

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I like balance overall and randomness. I am going to try anything to entertain myself, which includes posting stuff, sooner or later...Oh yeah, see that blue aura down there, that means I am one of the good guys, not a critic that spams/trolls stupid crap

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